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People Are Asking…

February 12, 2014

In the U.S., we waste an average of 213 pounds of food per household per year.

So I am often asked, "Is it better to throw food waste out in the garbage or to dispose of it in the sink using a garbage disposal?" Perhaps you've wondered this too?

Your friendly wastewater Heloise stands ready to help.

Know that the best thing you can do with food waste from your home is to compost it — place food scraps in a compost heap or bin along with yard waste and allow it to decompose naturally. I own a Compost Tumbler, an elevated bin with a handle that you rotate every few days. The compost produced can then be used as a natural fertilizer spread on your lawn, used in your garden or flowerbeds, given freely to friends and neighbors. Compost has additional benefits of improving soil structure, increasing drought resistance, reducing the need for fertilizer, water, even pesticides. But, of course, many people don't have yards or don't want the obligation of managing their own food scraps and yard waste.

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